My awesome crazy life.

On Christ the solid rock I stand, All other ground is sinking sand!


I can’t stand this feeling anymore…I’m so tired of feeling sad and angry everyday of my life. I feel so unhappy and I don’t know how to make this horrible feeling go away. I used to be so happy and confident and i don’t understand why that feeling was replaced with this one.

I feel so lonely, like i have no one who understands me. 

All i want is to be happy.


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4 thoughts on “DOES HAPPINESS EXIST?

  1. Hey, I highly highly highly suggest you watch this guy. He is a harvard psychologist who focuses on happiness and I can tell you from first hand experience this is different from all the other “happy” videos I have watched and found. He will give you a few things to do everyday. if you do them, I think you will be pleased with how you will start to feel after about 4 days or a week of doing them. Here is a link. It is definitely worth watching if you are feeling this way. I really hope this helps you out Hollie!!

  2. Thanks so much Mina! I appreciate this highly.! This Video Actually carried very good/very helpful advice!!!
    Thanks Again! 🙂

  3. Hey Hollie,

    I hope life is treating you well and your relationship with God is growing. 🙂
    Miss you kiddo!


    • Mina!!!!!!!!!! I miss you too! I’m doing great, and My relationship with god has been growing….There have, of course, been ups and downs but all in all it’s going great.! I feel closer to god now than I have in a while!
      But, How about you?? How has life been treating you?

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