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So, There’s this guy.

I’ve known him for years. and, I CANNOT believe I’m admitting this, but…

I’m really starting to develop feelings for him, and it’s really weird because I would have never, ever, ever thought that I would like someone like him.

The problem is, I don’t think he likes me…nor will ever like me the way that I want him to. 

I’m sooooooo confused,

I just woke up one morning and just had him in my mind…and I was like..”What the heck”? Because there was no reason for him to be in my mind…and he just stayed in my mind and is still in there..and the more I ponder upon the thought, the more I realize that I like him.

I wish this feeling would just go away! I hate having a *Crush?* If that’s what you want to call it, when the person doesn’t feel the same in return.

Now I’m just sitting here thinking about what to do…Lol!

this is so weird.



I can’t stand this feeling anymore…I’m so tired of feeling sad and angry everyday of my life. I feel so unhappy and I don’t know how to make this horrible feeling go away. I used to be so happy and confident and i don’t understand why that feeling was replaced with this one.

I feel so lonely, like i have no one who understands me. 

All i want is to be happy.

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