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Skeleton in my closet (Cont)

Shaking exclusively, and shrieking with terror I awoke my Mother to show her the horrible thing That I had witnessed. I knew that when I would tell her she would think I was a nut case but the proof was lying in my closet.

This was the most freakiest thing I have ever experienced!

I went into my mothers room still screaming at the top of my lungs and my mom woke up with fear in her eyes knowing something was wrong.

“What? What is it honey?”

“Come See For yourself.” I said not even attempting to tell her and sound crazy.

When we approached my closet I opened the door and there was nothing there. You’ve gotta be kidding me…How’d it disappear? I know what i saw.

My mother gave me a really strange look.

“What is it? I don’t see anything!” She said.

“Mom, There was a HUMAN skeleton sitting in the middle of my closet. I’m not kidding or lying, I know what I saw!”

She looked at me like I was insane.

“Honey, are you okay? I think you’re just seeing things…there’s no way a skeleton was in here.”

“No, Mom, I’m NOT okay. Would you be okay if you opened up your closet and saw a skeleton? I don’t think so. It was in there, I’m not seeing things.” I told her and I stormed out the door in anger.


Great. Now people are going to think I’m a basket case. Who in the world could have taken the skeleton? I know it HAS to be around here somewhere. There was something freaky going on and I was going to get to the end of it.


(Still to be continued.)


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One thought on “Skeleton in my closet (Cont)

  1. These stories are so awesome! They have an element of relatability and suspenseful mystery. It’s still realistic enough where the reader questions weather this really happened or not. THAT, is VERY powerful leverage that get’s your reader hooked!

    Keep up the great work!

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