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There are a lot of things that annoy me. I could make a list and continue to write that list for hours. Out of all the things that annoy me, the one that ignites me the most are people who do not appreciate anything.

This bothers me because there are so many people who don’t have anything at all. There are people who don’t even have a house to live in or food to eat, and yet people with these luxuries take them for granted.

If people would just be grateful for what they have, instead of whining and about what they don’t have, the world would be a better place.

You will find the richest people nagging about not having enough of something and constantly wanting more. I think people are so selfish and it just really get’s to me.

Sure, there are a lot of things that I want, and there are a lot of times that I take what I have for granted and I know that I shouldn’t.

When I realize what I’m doing, I think of the people who have to do without.


A look at chapter 3—Will post the rest of what I have of my book as soon as i revise!!!!

Derik Neal walked towards Abellah and took his seat in the empty desk. Abellah glanced at him quickly and then looked away. He was taller than six feet; he had shaggy hair that was the color of the sand that aligned the beach shore. He was extremely tan, as if he spent every day in the sun. He was actually incredibly handsome.

Curiosity pervaded through her mind. She wanted to introduce herself so that they could become friends, but to no surprise, her bashfulness ceased to allow her to do so.

Looking around the classroom, Abellah realized that she wasn’t the only one that was curious; everyone had their eyes on him. She could read through the girls’ expressions and could tell that they, as well, realized how good-looking he was.

Interrupting Abellah’s train of thought, Miss. Laine proceeded to teach.

She had on gray dress pants, a dark blue button-up shirt, with a white tank top underneath. Her Auburn hair looked as usual, curled into her face. She had black high heels on, that made her look taller than she was.

“Okay class, Get out your Literature books, and turn to page 103. We are going to be doing the questions over the book we read last week.”

The class obeyed Miss Laine’s commandment and turned their books and began to do the questions.

The class actually flew by rather quickly. The bell rang and the rowdy class frantically flooded out the door. Each person handed Miss Laine their papers on their way out.


When Abellah walked through the door, she spotted Kara patiently waiting for her.

“Hey Kara!” Abellah said with a big smile on her face.

“Did you see that new guy!?” Kara asked her. Of course that would be the first thing that Kara would ask. She had the sharpest eyes, especially when it came to noticing the good looking guys.

“Yes. He actually sits by me in class. He is so adorable. All of the girls seemed to think the same, with the way they were all glaring at him.” Abellah replied.

Kara laughed hysterically at Abellah’s remark.

“Well…you have to think..It’s not often that we get someone as cute as him at Tinston High, No wonder they were glaring.”





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