My awesome crazy life.

On Christ the solid rock I stand, All other ground is sinking sand!

Chapter 1 of my book “The Haunting Fear”.


Abellah Karis was 16 years old. She was beautiful, there was no doubt about it. She had dark green eyes that shined like Emeralds in the sun, Carmel colored waves flooded her shoulders. She was slim, petite, and she had a body that many women would die to have. Abellah was kind, caring, considerate, and just all around amazing. There weren’t many people that didn’t like her, in fact, i think everyone loved her.
Abellah awoke to the welcoming aroma of pancakes that set her cravings on edge. she went downstairs eager to fill her hungry stomach with her mom’s delicious food. Her moms cooking was her favorite, to her it was better than any restaurants.
Before she went doenstairs, she slipped on some clothes and fixed her hair for school.
When she went into the kitchen her mom was standing by the sink pouring coffee into her cup. Her mom was short, very slim, she had short blonde hair and usually kept it pulled back into a pony tail. She had side bangs that fell into her face. Her mom was a very pretty woman. She was 39 and still looked like she was her in late twenties. She had always been Abellah’s biggest role model.
“Goodmorning, Sweetheart”. Edah said. A Welcoming smile spread across her face.
Edah walked over and kissed Abellah on the forehead.
“Goodmorning Mom.” Abellah replied as she took a seat at the table. Her mom already had her plate ready.
She began to eat and her brother, Daniel entered the kitchen.
Her brother was 17. He was a very good looking guy. He was tall, his eyes were dark Green, and his hair was a carmel color. Him and Abellah resembled each other, and you could tell that they were siblings. Abellah and her brother were very close, and they did everything together. They rarely fought and got along. Danny had always been the protective type of brother and constantly watched Abellah’s back. He was cautious of whatever she’d do and it sometimes aggrivated her but nothing ever motivated her to say anything to him about it. She appreciated it, somehow, no matter how annoying it got. It was good to know that she always had someone to protect her.
“Hey sis, hey mom.” Danny said. He sounded very tired. He probably stayed up all night playing his video games. Danny was a big gamer. He probably owned every game, and game system in the universe and wasted most of his time concentrated on them. He would deprive himself of sleep, and he constantly got in trouble for using school as his bed time.
“Well good morning sleepy head,”. Edah greeted him.
He took a seat beside his sister and began to eat. Just about the time that Edah sat down Steve entered and took a seat beside her.
Steve was not the best looking guy in the world but he was somewhat decent. He was kind of heavy, but not fat. He had blonde hair, as well as Edah, which is inconvienent because netiher Edah or Steve have the same color hair as their children. He had dark green eyes just as his children, which was about the only common feature that they shared. Steve was a very hard working man,and he was very dedicated to his job. He enherited an restaurant called “Tinston Corner” from his grandmother and he was the chef there. Edah worked there as well but just part time. She had another job as a kindergarden teacher at the elementary school. Edah worked five days a week, and she worked at the restaurant on mondays, thursdays, and fridays in the evening. Steve was at the grill every day except saturday and sunday, so they were both pretty busy people. Somehow, they still found time to spend time with their children.
After breakfast, Abellah and Daniel headed off to school. Daniel drove, and Abellah rode with Daniel because she hadn’t gotten around to getting her lisence yet. It was early october and the sun had just began to peek through the trees. Fall was Abellah’s favorite season. She didn’t like the summer because it was constantly to hot, and the sweltering heat made her feel sick, She really didn’t understand why there is even a spring, because it’s just as hot at summer most of the time, And she absolutely despised winter, it was to cold and you couldn’t drive anywhere without out the fear of crashing in the deep snowfall.
They got into Daniels 1998 jeep. It whit e and black, and even though it was old it was in good shape. They put on their seat belts and began to drive off.
Abellah hated going to school. She hardly had any friends, Everyone was always mean to her, and she was classified as the “Shy smart kid” because of her excellent grades. Abellah didn’t understand what she was doing wrong. Perhaps it was her timidness that was repelling everyone away from her. She had no desire to be like everyone else, and she wasn’t about to go to heights to try to make herself someone she wasn’t. She would rather be classified as a dork, or a smart kid than a ditzy partier who slept with every guy in school.
Abellah did have a few friends though, and they actually understood her feelings and accpeted her for who she really was.
Kara Windley was tall she had bright red hair with long curls that fell past her shoulders. Her eyes were probably her best feature. They were Hazel, and they were shaped like a cats’. Kara was beautiful, although she didn’t see it at all. She had the worst self esteem, and no matter how many people tried to convince her that she was beautiful, in her mind she looked like the wicked witch of the west.
Kara had a sense of humor that would bring anyone to laughter in their worst times. She was kind, and thoughtful and had always been there for Abellah. Abellah felt luckier than anyone in the world to have Kara as her bestfriend. They had been bestfriends every since sixth grade.
She had another good friend, his name was Evan Douglas. Evan was a very good looking guy. He had pitch black hair that was in resemblence to the color of coal, dark blue eyes, a pale complexion, and rosy red cheeks. He had the biggest personality ever. He was outgoing, witty, genorous, and just a fun person to be aorund. Daniel and Evan were bestfriends. Daniel, Evan, Abellah, and Kara always were together at school, and they were all very close.
When Daniel and Abellah got to school, Kara and Evan were waiting for them by the doors. They always studied together before the bell rang to begin their first class.
“Hey Guys!” Kara said with a warm smile on her face.
Kara was wearing a light blue shirt, dark blue jeans that were flooded with holes, and light blue shoes that matched her shirt exactly.
Kara was very color coordinated, and she had great style.
“Hey!!! You look adorable Kara! I wish that i had good style, but unfortunataly i wasn’t blessed with it!!”
“Ugh? Me? look cute? No. But you…you look great as always.”
Of course Abellah expected Kara to refute her comment, she did every time Abellah complimented her. Abellah usually did the same whenever she received a compliment, so she couldn’t really say much.
While Kara and Abellah were talking, Daniel was bragging to Evan about his winning accomplishment on the game he had beaten the previous night. Abellah had knew that was why he was so tired.
“Okay, enough chitchat, we need to go study. We have our end of the semester final today in Biology.” Kara stated to the group.
Whenever Kara said “End of Semester” It reminded Abellah that it was their last day of school until fall break bagan. How could she forgot? Suddenly her day got a whole lot better.
The group went to their usual study spot, which was in the library and began to study. When the bell rang, they seperated into the student flooded hallways.
Abellah had English for her first period class. English was her probably her most weakest subject. She made a good grade in it, but she couldn’t really take interest in most of her work. Despite the fact that she thought English was uninteresting, the teacher, Miss Laine, was her favorite teacher. Miss Laine was a young teacher, in her mid twenties, and she was very inspiring. She was the caring kind of teacher that cared for each student that she had and was very dedicated in helping them any way that she could. Miss Laine had an incredible personality, and sense of humor. She was the teacher that all of the highschool guys talked about. They all thought that she was the best looking female teacher they have ever seen. It was quite humorous, actually, watching them drool over her. She had Auburn colored, shoulder length hair that curled into her face at the ends. She had a pale complexion, rosey red lips and perfect straight, white teeth. Somehow, Miss Laine, was the reason Abellah could even come close to passing English class.
Just as Abellah took her seat, Miss Laine walked in, and following behind her was a very good looking guy. He had to be new, because she had never saw him before. All of the girls’ eyes glared up at him in awe of his extremely good looks.
“Class, We have a new student. This is Derik Neal, Please help him adjust and be friendly, he is probably very nervous.” Miss Laine confronted the class with a kind smile on her face.
“Derik, You can take the empty seat next to Abellah.”


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