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Prologue to my Book “The Haunting Fear”.

The phone began to ring repetitevely and it’s obnoxious tone brought Steve Karis out of his half estate sleep. He glanced over at the clock located on the end table beside his bed, it was 3:21 in the morning.
“Who in the world would be calling this early?” Steve thought to himself. He silently got out of bed trying not to disturb his wife, as if the loud ringing of the phone hadn’t already. Somehow, Edah could sleep through anything, she was a very deep sleeper and he had learned that through the years. One time before their children were born Steve was on a business trip and Edah was home by herself. Someone had snuck their way into the house in the middle of the night, and stole every belonging that was worth anything and Edah had slept through the whole tradgedy. When she awoke the next morning the house was a complete disaster and she was totally oblivious to what had happened. She felt horrible for sleeping through the whole thing. It doesn’t surprise Steve that Edah didn’t hear the phone ringing. If she could sleep through a robbery she could sleep through anything.
Steve hurried and answered the phone.
“Hello”? He said very aggitated at whoever had awoke him.
“Hello, Mr. Karis, this is the Tintston Medical Centre. I’m very sorry to disturb you this early in the morning, but we have your daughter Abellah, she was in a horrible car accident with two of her friends near the old Shelter Valley Cafe. She is in very bad condition and we have her in ICU.”
Steve was speechless for a moment trying to take in what he had just heard, he couldn’t quite register it.
“What? I’m sorry miss, that is impossible my daughter is upstairs in her bedroom, unless…Oh My Goodness….”.
The phone fell out of his hand and hit the floor with a hard smack. He ran upstairs and into Abellah’s room and as he had expected she was gone.
“Edah!!!! Edah!” he screamed for his wife.
Edah ran upstairs and was panicking.
“Honey what? What’s the matter? What happened settle down enough to tell me what happened!”
She noticed Abellah’s absence in her bedroom.
“Where is Abellah?”. She said very concerned.
There were tears streaming down her face and she knew that something terrible happened.
“The hospital just called. Abellah was in an accident. She must have snuck out and went to that party with that Derik kid, when I specifically told her not to. They said that they had her in ICU, we have to go now.”
“Wake up Danny, Tell him to get dressed, and to hurry.” Edah said.
Edah slipped on a T shirt, pants, and shoes, and didn’t bother brushing her hair, and met Steve and Danny by the door.
They headed off to the hospital to face the news that would crash they hearts, their minds, and their lives.


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One thought on “Prologue to my Book “The Haunting Fear”.

  1. Hey, Hollie. Really good beginning of the story! Love it. 🙂

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