My awesome crazy life.

On Christ the solid rock I stand, All other ground is sinking sand!

Blubber’s story

Blubber arose and pushed the blazing covers from his sweltering body. Sweat was immersing from his face and he was panting as if he had just ran for five miles (as if he could actually run for that long without tumbling over due to his obesity!). He quickly glanced at the clock that was sitting on an end table located directly beside his bed, it was three forty five, the same exact time he had awoke from the same horrid nightmare the two nights before. Was this becoming a routine? His eyes were watering from the terror that he had just experienced.

Why did he keep having this same nightmare? Was it some kind of warning?

This terrible nightmare consisted of this:


He found himself standing blankly at the very peak of this huge mountain made of delectable, heavenly sweets. The mountain, was no ordinary mountain. This mountain was made of Ice-cream, scattered with sugar-coated sprinkles and scrumptious chocolate chip cookies. To him, this was heaven.

Before he knew it, Blubber found himself devouring this Ice-Cream mountain. As he was cramming his face, with each bite he gained ten pounds. Soon enough blubber ingested all that he could, and he was so close to exploding. Then blubber noticed something that he couldn’t resist.

A luxiourious peice of Cherry Cheescake.He tried to stop his cravings, but he couldn’t. He pushed the cheesecake into his mouth and with a big BANG! Blubber was gone!! His food eating habits had literally led to his death!!!



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